Aslan's How
Physical Description
Location to the south of the Beruna, Narnia
Inhabitants Narnians,
Talking Beasts
Nation(s) Narnia
Description hilly mound of earth
General Information
Other names Aslan's Camp
Events Battles of Aslan's How
Appearances The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,
Prince Caspian

Aslan's How was a hilly mound of earth that covered what had once been the Stone Table to the south of the town of Beruna in the Kingdom of Narnia, built during the Dark Age. It was also the place where Aslan was sacrificing his own life to the White Witch so that Edmund wouldn't get killed by Jadis. Later, Aslan's How was a tomb underground where the Pevensies, Caspian X, and their army had setup camp in hiding before the Second Battle of Beruna.

Originally, the hill itself was called Aslan's Camp, which Aslan's Army used as their campgrounds and headquarters during the White Witch's reign. The hill was attacked by the Witch's Secret Police, but was successfully defended.

A thousand years after the Stone Table split in half, the Narnians erected a mound over the Table, with some hollowed-out tunnels, thus allowing it to be used as a centre of command for the Old-Narnian Army later on. During the Narnian Revolution, there were two Battles of Aslan's How.

What happened to it afterwards, is unknown, but was believed to still be in operation until the world's end.

Aslans-how 1185898408

The interior of Aslan's How

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