Aslan and Maugrim both want to avoid being turned into stone. Aslan was stone for a while because of the witch's madness, but Aslan still had courage. Maugrim wanted to avoid turning into stone completely, so they're on in the opposite teams but not turning into stone is something you could say they had secret harmony about. Aslan's positive descriptions also fit the ways Asians think of lion. As a Hindu lion he'd let a goddess ride him like let did Lucy and Susan, Chinese he'd be a stone statue and guard a yard of a king's castle, European he's King himself, African lions depend more on which state you're speaking of some worship the lions other states fight them. Lion and wolf both have totem descriptions that mention loyalty as one of the key qualities. And religion or fiction they're both common in royalty, lion and wolves they're both on coats of arms too. Native Americans would likely see Maugrim as the leader but England surely sees Aslan as the leader.

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