Physical Description
Type City/Castle
Location southern Archenland, Narnia
Inhabitants humans
Nation(s) Archenland
Description castle built of reddish brown stone
General Information
Other names Capital of Archenland
Events Battle of Anvard
Appearances The Horse and His Boy

Anvard was the seat of government of the Kingdom of Archenland, being both the capital city and the fortress within it. The Archenlander army was primarily stationed in Anvard. Anvard was also apparently the location of most of the Archenlander population.


Anvard was probably founded sometime in the late second or early third centuries. In 1014 the Battle of Anvard, the primary battle of the Archenland Conflict, was fought before its gates. Famous kings who ruled from Anvard included Lune, Cor and his Queen Aravis, and Ram the Great.


The castle was famous for its many towers and lack of a moat. It was made of red-brown stones and sat on green lawns in front of a high woody ridge to the north. There were extensive dog kennels in the time of King Lune, who was fond of hunting.

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