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Adela Pennyfather was a member of The Gang, which terrorized Jill Pole, Eustace Scrubb, and its members' other schoolfellows at Experiment House. In 1942, after Eustace Scrubb's first adventure in Narnia, she was heard saying
"Someone's got hold of that Scrubb kid. He's quite unmanageable this term. We shall have to attend to him next."
―Adela Pennyfather[src]

The Gang did not get the chance to "attend" to Eustace before he and Jill Pole got into Narnia. When they returned to Experiment House with Caspian X, they terrified her and the rest of the Gang, the boys with the flats of their swords and Jill with a whip. After this incident, the Head's hysterical reports of escaped circus convicts resulted in an inquiry into the whole administration of the school. Adela may have been one of the ten or so people who got expelled as a result of this inquiry.

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